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amity a. doolittle

Land use

Malaysian rainforest


1994–1999 Yale University, New Haven, CT
PhD. In Forestry and Environmental Studies, completed May 1999, entitled “Controlling the Land: Property Rights and Power Struggles in Sabah, Malaysia, 1881–1996.” Research interests include the examination of historical, cultural and political-economic factors that influence how rural people use natural resources. Particular emphasis is placed on property rights and customary laws regulating resource tenure in Southeast Asia.
1992–1987 Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, New Haven, CT
Master of Environmental Sciences, in Tropical Ecology.
1983–1987 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Bachelor of Arts in Biological Anthropology, magna cum laude.
Senior Honors Thesis: “Latah: A Culture-Bound Syndrome.” An examination of cultural and physiological origins of a behavioral trait specific to women in certain ethnic groups in Southeast Asia.

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