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public presentations

04/09 Discussant for “Trouble the Water,” a documentary about Hurricane Katrina. A redemptive tale of two self-described street hustlers who become heroes—two unforgettable people who survive the storm and then seize a chance for a new beginning. at the Environmental Film Festival at Yale.
03/09 Moderator for ISTF Panel "Institutional and Governance Failures Driving Conflicts Over Tropical Resources"
11/08 Guest Lecturer to Yale Student Interest Group on Environmental Justice. “Why USA has not achieved a Post-racial Society”
10/08 Guest lecturer on “Environmental Justice and Public Health Issues” in Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, in Michelle Bell’s course, Environment and Human Health
09/08, 03/08 Guest lecturer on “Environmental Justice and Public Health Issues” in Yale School of Epidemiology and Public Health
02/08 Invited Speaker, Environments Undone: The Political Ecology of Globalization and Development, "Native land tenure, conservation, and development in a pseudo-democracy: Sabah, Malaysia," University of North Carolina
05/08 Invited Speaker at Workshop on Teaching Environmental Justice, “Environmental Justice and Issues of Race and Sovereignty,” Wesleyan University 3/08
10/07 Guest Speaker on “Rapid Rural Appraisal Techniques” for Natural Resources Management Techniques in Mark Ashton‚Äôs Management Course
01/07 Invited Speaker, Mt. Everett Regional School, Sheffield, MA, “Environmentalism in the 21st Century: a focus on environmental justice,” January 18, 2007
01/07 Invited Speaker, Mt. Everett Regional School, Sheffield, MA, “The Challenge of Integrated Conservation and Development,” January 18, 2007
03/06 Invited speaker, University of California, Berkeley, Center for Southeast Asian Studies., “Property and Politics in Sabah Malaysia: Native Struggles over Land Rights.”
03/06 Invited speaker, Ohio University Athens Center for International Studies, “Property and Politics in Sabah Malaysia: Native Struggles over Land Rights.”
05/05 Invited speaker, Stanford University Malaysia Forum. “The Conservation Landscape: Histories of Native Land Struggles in Sabah, Malaysia”.

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10/04 “Here There Be Tygers: Exploring Terra Incognito between Academia and Community in Participatory Mapping.” Presented at Conservation Without Borders: The Impact of Conservation on Human Communities at The Center for Tropical Ecology and Conservation and Antioch New England Graduate School.
05/04 “International Politics and the Environment.” Presented at the Faculty Development Workshop Integrating Ethics into Environmental Studies at the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs.
09/03 “Resources, Ideologies, and Nationalism: The Politics of Development in Postcolonial Sabah? Presented at Conference on Order and Disjuncture in Development at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.
08/00 “Controlling the Land: Property Rights and Power Struggles in Sabah, Malaysia 1881-1996.” Presented at Conference on Environmental Change in Native and Colonial Histories of Borneo: Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future at International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden, The Netherlands.
04/99 “The Politics of Development in Postcolonial Malaysia,” Presented in a Panel on Local and Trans-local: Locating Resource Control in Shifting Fields of Identity and Power at the Association of Asian Studies, Boston, Mass, March 11-14, 1999.
10/98 “The Politics of Development in Postcolonial Malaysia” Yale Council of Southeast Asian Studies, Yale University, October 7, 1998.
10/98 Discussant for paper by Arun Agrawal, “The Production of Community-in-Conservation: The Forest Councils of Kumaon,” Program in Agrarian Studies, Yale University, October 2, 1998.
05/98 “Are They Making Fun of Us?: Exploring State-Society Relations through Narratives of Development Politics and Oral Traditions.” Conference on Interdisciplinary Work in Progress. Yale University, April 17–19, 1998.
03/98 Discussant for paper by Peter Boomgaard, “In the Shadow of Rice: Roots and Tubers in Indonesian Agriculture,” Program in Agrarian Studies, Yale University, March 6, 1998.
02/97 Discussant for paper by Charles Zerner, ‘Through a Green Lens: The Construction of Customary Environmental Law and Community in Indonesia’s Maluku Islands,” Law and Society Review, Vol. 28 (5, 1994): 1079–1121, Program in Agrarian Studies at Yale University, February 28, 1997.

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