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Doolittle, A. 2005. Property and Politics in Sabah, Malaysia (North Borneo): A Century of Native Struggles over Land Rights, 1881–1996. University of Washington Press, Nature and Culture Series.

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Dove, Sajise and Doolittle, eds. 2009. Complicating Conservation in Southeast Asia: Beyond the Sacred Forest Asia. Duke University Press, New Ecologies for the Twenty-First Century.
Dove, M., P. Sajise, and A. Doolittle. 2005. Nature in Culture: Case Studies from Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia Monograph Series, Volume 54, Yale University.

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Doolittle, Amity, under review. “Climate Change Negotiations: Who will die first, who will win twice?” Conservation and Society, Special Volume with Dan Brockington as Guest Editor.
Doolittle, A. in preparation. “Environmental Justice and Hurricane Katrina” Curriculum to accompany documentary film “Trouble the Water.”
Doolittle, A. et al. submitted. “Participation at the World Conservation Congress: Limits to and possibilities for increasing deliberation and inclusiveness.” Environmental Conservation.
Doolittle, A. 2008. “Stories and Maps, Images and Archives: Multi-Method Approach to the Political Ecology of Native Property Rights and Natural Resource Management in Sabah, Malaysia.” Environmental Management. [pdf]
Doolittle, A. 2007. “Native Land Tenure, Conservation, and Development in a Pseudo-Democracy: Natural Resource Conflicts in Sabah, Malaysia.” Journal of Peasant Studies. 34(3): 474–497. [pdf]
Doolittle A. 2004. “Powerful Persuasions: The Language of Property and Power in Sabah, Malaysia, 1881-1996.” Modern Asian Studies. 38 (4): 821–850. [pdf]
Doolittle A. 2003. “Colliding Discourses: Western Land Laws and Native Customary Rights in North Borneo, 1881-1928Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. February 2003. [pdf]
Doolittle, A. 2001. “‘Are They Making Fun of Us?’: The Politics of Development in Sabah, Malaysia.” Moussons: Social Science Research on Southeast Asia 4: 75-95.
Doolittle, A. 2001. “From Village Land to ‘Native Reserve’: Changes in Property Rights in Sabah, 1950-1996.” Human Ecology Vol 29 (1): 69-98. [pdf]
Doolittle, A. 1998. “Historical and Contemporary Views of Legal Pluralism in Sabah, Malaysia” Forum Commentary in Common Property Resource Digest, No. 47, December 1998.

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Doolittle, A. 2009. “Re-defining Native Customary Law: Struggles over Property Rights Between Native Peoples and Colonial Rulers in Sabah, Malaysia” in Dove, Sajise, and Doolittle, eds., Complicating Conservation in Southeast Asia: Beyond the Sacred Forest Asia. Duke University Press, New Ecologies for the Twenty-First Century.
Dove, M. and A. Doolittle. 2009. “Introduction: The Field and this Study” in Complicating Conservation in Southeast Asia: Beyond the Sacred Forest, New Ecologies.
Doolittle, A. 2006 ”Resources, Ideologies, and Nationalism: The Politics of Development in Sabah, Malaysia“ In Development Brokers and Translators, David Mosse and Davis Lewis, eds. Bloomfield, Ct.: Kumarian Press.
Doolittle, A. 2006 “Controlling the Land: Property Rights and Power Struggles in Sabah, Malaysia 1881-1996” in Environmental Change in Native and Colonial Histories of Borneo: Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future, Wadley, R., ed, Leiden: KTLV Press.
Dove, M., P. Sajise, and A. Doolittle. 2005. “Introduction: The Problem of Conserving Nature on Cultural Landscapes” in Nature in Culture: Case Studies from Southeast Asia. Monograph Series, no. 54. New Haven: Yale University Southeast Asia Studies.
Doolittle, A. 1990. “Latah Behavior by Females Among the Rungus of Sabah,” in V. Sutlive, ed. Female and Male in Borneo: Contributions and Challenges to Gender Studies, Borneo Research Council Monograph Series, Vol. 1.

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Author of 13 entries original essays for this encyclopedia: Roy Rappaport, Vandana Shiva, Ramachandra Guha, Ester Boserup, land ethic, land degradation, Theodore Roosevelt’s Conservation Administration, balance of nature, fortress conservation, biopiracy, takings, usufruct rights, myth of the noble savage.

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Doolittle, A. forthcoming. Review of “The Complex Forest: Communities, Uncertainty, & Adaptive Collaborative Management,” Carol Colfer and “The Equitable Forest: Diversity, Community & Resource Management”, Carol Colfer, ed. Economic Anthropology.
Doolittle, A. 2005. Review of “In Search of the Rainforest,” Candace Slater, ed. American Anthropologist, June 10(7).
Doolittle, A. 2002. Review of “Indigenous Environmental Knowledge and Its Transformations: Critical Anthropological Perspectives,” Roy Ellen, Peter Parkes and Alan Bicker, eds. American Ethnologist 29 (1): 180-181.
Doolittle, A. 2000. Review of “The Politics of Environment in Southeast Asia: Resources and Resistance,” Philip Hirsch and Carol Warren, eds. Journal of Asian Studies 59 (3): 800-801.

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