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Selected students advised through project courses, 2004–2009

Laura Levine-Frye, MESc 2009. Documentary Video on Coffee Harvest in Honduras

Darcy Dugan, MESc, 2009, “Coastline at Risk: Community-based mapping of climate change in Alaska's northwest Arctic”

Janet Lawson, MESc 2009, “The Political Ecology of Land Use Changes for Small Yerba Mate Farmers in Northeast Argentina”

Bjorn Fredrickson, MESc 2009, “Controlling the Tea Mosquito: Agricultural Practices and Knowledge Construction in Upper Assam”

Laura Levine-Frye, MESc 2009, “Globalized Discourses of Conservation, Local Livelihoods, and Market in Rural Coffee Growing Communities in Honduras”

Lisa Leombruni, MESc 2009, "Media Messaging, Disaster Myths, and Race: A Textual Analysis of Print Media in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina”

Nina Bhattacharyya, MEM 2009, “Management of Upper Snake River in Wyoming and Idaho”

James Leslie, MESc and MBA 2008, “Conservation in flux: Pursuing social resilience in Mozambique and Peru”

Ana Del Cid-Liccardi, Christopher Finney, Tal Ilany, Janet Lawson, Esteban Rossi. 2008, “Community Development, Agroforestry, and Conservation in the Peruvian Amazon”

Derrick Dease, MEM 2007, “Recruiting Minority Students into Environmental Careers”

Alicia Calle, MESc 2008, “Using PES to transform environmental attitudes: Impact of a pilot project in degraded agricultural landscapes in Colombia”

Laura Robertson, MEM 2007, “GIS Modeling of Crop Raiding by Buton Macaques in Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia.”

Brandon Whitney, MESc 2008, “The Political Ecology of Indigenous Discourse in the Ecuadorian Amazon”

Julia Urrunaga, MA International Relations 2008, “Local People’s Capacity Building: Building upon what?”

Stephanie Ogburn, MESc 2008, “Engaging Organic: Small-scale growers interact with the discourse of organic codification.”

Jen Lewis Joint MEM and MA, 2008 with International Relations, “Non-Timber Forest Products in Peri-Urban Amazônia: A Case Study of Açaí Management Strategies”

Kerry Dooley, MESc 2007, Editing conference proceedings from ISTF FY 06 “Conservation and the Agricultural Frontier: Integrating Forests and Agriculture in the Tropics”

Elizabeth Pickett, MESc 2007, “Integrating the Community into Natural Resource Management in Hawaii: A Case Study of Kiholo Bay State Park”

Adrian Cerezo, Manisha Gangopayhay, Cintra Agee, Brandon Whitney, “Advanced Readings in Indigenous Environmental Knowledge”

Tehmina Akhtar. MEM 2006, “Multiple Visions: CBNRM and state, NGO and community conservation efforts towards in Pakistan”

Kevin Ogorzalek, MESc 2006, “Investigation Farmers Motivations for Initiating Community-based Conservation Plans through Australian Land Trust”

Brett Galimidi, MEM 2005 and Kevin Ogorzalek, MESc 2006, “NGO-Donor Relations: Implications for Project Determination”

Sarah Davidson, MESc 2004, “Community Response to International Reforms: A Case Study of Nuevo San Juan's Resistance to Privatization”

Jennifer Vogel, MEM 2004, “Wild and Domestic Silk Production in the Highlands of Madagascar”

Robin Barr, MEM 2004, “Enabling small landholder evaluations on the potential of benefiting from carbon credit payment projects in Meru, Kenya”

Corrina Steward, MESc 2004, “The Prospect of Soybean Cultivation in the Brazilian Amazon: Mapping the social, economic and ecological factors in southern Amazonia”

Nikhil Anand, MESc 2004, “Developing visions: Understanding alternative paradigms for the governance of natural resources”

Dave Kneas, MESc 2005, “Everyday forms of Neo-liberal State Formation: Mining, the World Bank and the Reconstruction of Environmental Authority in Ecuador”

Andrea Johnson, MESc 2005, “Participation Through the Pipeline: Civil Society and the Camisea Project, Peru”

Alder Keleman, MESc/MA 2005, “Genealogies of Globalization: Stories of crop loss, crop persistence, and the formal and informal economies in Northern Mexico”

Laura Cuoco, MESc 2005, “Effect of Shrimp Farms and Mangrove Deforestation on Local Communities: Participation, Behaviors, and Knowledge”

Victoria Critchley, MESc 2005, “Reclaiming Homeland Dreaming: Indigenous Politics and Conservation in Cape York”

Angela L. Quiros, MEM 2005, “A Comparison of Whale Shark Tourism in the Philippines and Belize”

Anna Jetmore, MEM 2005, “Preparation for Social Science Research”

Emily Hicks, MESc 2006, “Preparation for Social Science Research”

Lisa Bassani, MESc 2006, “Preparation for Social Science Research”

Susan Ely, MESc 2006, “Preparation for Social Science Research”

Brett Galimidi, MEM 2005 and Kevin Ogorzalek, MESc 2006, “NGO-Donor Relations: Implications for Project Determination”

Catherine Schoelgel, MESc 2006, “Alternatives to petroleum development in Tena, Ecuador: Calculating the real price of black gold”

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