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Graduate Student Financial Support

The Program in Agrarian Studies has some limited funds available to foster interdisciplinary work in any field on agrarian themes. We expect students to pursue other sources of funding in addition to the Program’s funds. Support is available on a competitive basis.

How to Apply for Graduate Student Aid


to top 1. Preliminary On-site Planning of Research

  • On-Site Assessment Abroad
    Graduate students planning thesis research abroad, particularly (but not exclusively) in Third World countries, may find on-site assessment for a month or two helpful in selecting a field site, establishing institutional connections, inspecting archival and documentary holdings, arranging clearances, and making initial contacts. Such preliminary work can often help in the preparation of a convincing and well thought-through research proposal for external support.
  • Other Supplementary Research
    Other proposals for supplementary research support in the preparation of an interdisciplinary thesis or dissertation on an agrarian studies topic will also be considered in this category, but these proposals will be given lower priority when awards are decided.

to top 2. Supplementary Interdisciplinary Work

Graduate students working on agrarian themes may find that additional work outside their field is necessary. Funds are available in this connection for work outside one’s primary field at Yale or elsewhere, for special linguistic training, methodological training, etc. Such funds could be used to supplement primary support for a semester or summer at another institution to acquire such training.

to top 3. Institutional Reciprocity

Support is also available for gestures of reciprocity to local institutions in low income countries who assist graduate students with their doctoral work. Such funds might, illustratively, cover an extra month of support so the student might teach a seminar or assist with methodological training, buy a small collection of research materials not easily available locally, help in the arrangement of exchanges and/or joint research.

to top Eligibility and Selection Criteria

1. Eligibility

Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate degree program in the Yale Graduate School or a Yale professional school.

Applications for funds for projects in the natural sciences will not be considered.

2. Selection Criteria

Support is available on a competitive basis.

  • Lower priority will be given to requests for funds to extend a field-work period.
  • Lower priority will be given to requests for funds to work as an intern on a project with a principal investigator other than the applicant.

to top Application Procedure

1. Yale Students Grants and Fellowship Database

Applicants must register though the Yale Students Grants and Fellowship Database:

2. Applications Should Include …

  • application cover page (available in Program office or from this site)
  • project proposal (2-page maximum)
  • curriculum vitae (2-page maximum; include e-mail address, social security number, and visa status if appropriate)
  • budget for project (include available funds and funds pending)
  • copy of transcript of grades
  • name of a faculty reference (no letter required)
  • print out of the Student Grants & Fellowships Database registration page
  • do NOT include any additional materials (e.g., bibliographies, appendices)

to top Schedule and Deadlines

The deadline for applications is Monday, February 23, 2009, at 4:00 pm. Awards are announced in May.


Applications should be addressed to

Program in Agrarian Studies
Yale University
Box 208209
New Haven, CT 06520-8209

campus address: 204 Prospect Street, Room 204
tel 203/432-9833  |  fax 203/432-5036

For more information contact, Kay Mansfield at the Agrarian Studies office, 204 Prospect Street, Room 204 (432-9833).

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Last updated 7/24/11 at 1:56 PM

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Program in Agrarian Studies
Yale University
Box 208300
New Haven, CT  06520-8300 (U.S.A.)

campus address:
204 Prospect Street, Room 204
tel 203/432-9833 | fax 203/432-5036

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