Las Cruces High School Band Reunion
The Randall Years (1954-1977)

A Tribute to

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Update from the Webmaster

18 December 2000

When will updates appear?

Any time they are received.

The Las Cruces contingent (after overcoming untold technical obstacles) had informed me that more materials from the reunion were to be on their way. Presumably this would have included the remaining biographies and statements, and perhaps more photos. Nothing arrived, but perhaps, some day ...

Remember, if you don’t see it here and you have something to contribute (more about yourself, a photo, comments about the reunion, or any memorabilia you might have run across), you can send it to me and I will post it quickly.

Who’s listed at this time

Names of all the band alumni that I have (either from the reunion committee or emailed from individual members) are now listed on the People page. If you do not find your name there, or if you have information about a still missing band alum, please let me know.

Biographies and tributes

Links to biographies from and statements by the individual band members — and photos when we have them — on the People page. I have completed the A’s through G’s (plus a few others), and am waiting for the Las Cruces segment. Remember, you can always hasten the process by emailing me.

Individual photos

I still do not know if personal photos that some of you might have sent to the reunion committee will be forwarded to me for posting on the site (perhaps they will be needed for the print album?). Don’t be shy about sending a photo to me for scanning, or a digital version if you have the means.

Reunion photos

The Gallery page and That Was the Band That Was! have the first photos from the July 4th reunion.

Other new items?

Just let me know if there is anything you would like to see (or not see!) on the Band site. (For instance, a newspaper clipping about Mr. Randall, sent to me by Jan Turbeville Turnage, is now linked to the Postlude page.)

H.G. Salome

Message to Band Members

June 20, 1998

This site celebrates the reunion of “The Band That Was” and honors its director of those years, Mr. Gregg Randall.

The site will serve as bulletin board for any and all information leading up to the reunion and as a place where band members and friends of Mr. Randall and the band can publish photos (then and now), memories of the fabulous experiences we shared, and tributes to them all and to Mr. Randall.

When the reunion in Las Cruces is over, the site will become a “cyber-album” with photos and impressions of the event for the benefit of band members scattered about the country (or world) and unable to attend festivities.

The site will remain up as long as it is of interest.

If you have anything to contribute — words, pictures, even music! — just forward it by email at


I welcome all suggestions and hope to hear from everyone.

H.G. Salome



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