Las Cruces High School Band Reunion
The Randall Years (1954-1977)

A Tribute to

That Was the Band That Was . . .

Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite March — brass and woodwind ensembles at Rotary Club luncheons — the Rams, the Packers, and Disneyland — Allstate — practicing precision marching in the mud on summers’ nights — William Revelli! — solos at music festival (and where did Mr. Randall find all those people to play the piano?) — Homecoming parade — “Tristan und Isolde” (uncut), and “1812 Overture” (with cannons) — 8-to-5

The Band Song

(music of B&B)

Hail to Las Cruces Red Band and the High School
Hail to our Trusty Leader, Greggy Randall
Hail to precision drilling, it’s so thrilling.
Concert Band is coming to us soon!

People know us from Clovis to good old Disneyland
Corpus Christi and Tucson, They all think we are so grand.
But in Las Cruces High, we always wonder why,
fellow students ostracize us, do we ever cry? No!!

Gee Whiz, They prosecute us, persecute us!
We’re late, but they excuse us, then abuse us.
But we will rise above them, we don’t love them.
Here’s to Greggy Randall’s Marching Band!
Rah!! Rah!!

(We know who wrote the music, but ... those lyrics?
Cole Porter? Oscar Hammerstein? ...?)

Some photos from “the Bands That Were” . . .

(Click on a picture for a larger version of the photo)

Mr. Randall conducting the “Band That Was”

On Main Street, 1960

On parade, 1971

Send in your own ideas or photos and check back later.



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