Las Cruces High School Band Reunion
The Randall Years (1954-1977)

A Tribute to

“What Band Meant to Me . . . ”

Our own words — statements from band members and friends:

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Dale Alexander


“Two things I learn: Don’t be afraid to try new ideas. If the new idea or new way of doing something doesn’t pan out, don’t be afraid to admit it.”

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Donna Zickefoose Allman


“Gregg Randall and the band were definitely the high points of my high school career. The band room was my sanctuary — a place were I could excel, be supported and challenged, and escape from the often painful social experience of high school.

“Beyond the pleasant memories, Gregg shaped my musical experience: I listen to music with emotion as well as technical understanding. I finally know what it means to interpret music and to play with feeling.

“Gregg Randall was devoted both to his discipline and to his students. I use his perfectionism and caring as models for my own life tasks.”

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Charles Atkinson

  “One could say in a very real sense that I owe my career to the LCHS Band and to the teaching and guidance of Mr. Randall. Thanks to the experiences I had in the band, and thanks especially to what I leaned from Mr. Randall as a clarinetist and conductor, I decided to embark upon a career in music. That career has been more rewarding than I could ever have dreamed possible — and it all started in the Las Cruces High School Band under the direction of Mr. Gregg Randall!”

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Stephanie Eubanks Black

  “Band was my place to belong to in high school. It meant, too, the most fun, funniest, and most original people I’ve known. I loved it.”

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Royce Bandle


“Gregg Randall and band meant a start to a wonderful musical career. Starting from high school days with “The Alligators” to many years of playing with numerous groups and individuals, such as the Coasters, the Drifters, the Shirrenes, Charlie Daniels, and many others, I also did a lot of recording as a studio musician and performed with show bands in Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Las Vegas. I still play with various groups today.

“Thank you Don Garrett and Mr. Randall!!”

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Linda Zickefoose Brown


“Band with Gregg Randall, I realize more and more, was a special place:
  • a place to learn music appreciation
  • a place where I was nurtured and challenged to grow, to do more than I ever thought possible (the recording of my senior solo reminds me of that!)
  • a place where memories were being made — of half-time shows, of trips to All-state, Pampa, and Los Angeles, and much more
  • a place to be with friends who shared a common interest
You put your whole heart into your job.

“Thanks for all you sacrificed for us, and thanks for the memories!!”

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Mary Bullard

  “Performing in a band and listening to bands perform are two of my favorite pastimes. I started playing the flute in 5th grade at Central School with Don Garrett as the director. Being in a band has brought me many friendships from the 5th grade to the present. I continue to play my flute in the Fullerton Community Band, an outstanding musical group, that performs about 10 concerts each year.

“I’ve always felt that I have been very fortunate to have experienced the cooperation and competition of being in a band.”

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Zoila D. Butler-Sapien

  “Through hard work and dedication and having a great leader like Mr. Randall created unity, a lot of accomplishments. Striving for teamwork to be successful. Long hours of practice to learn new music or band formations, the final turnout was always great!!”

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Kristi V. Campbell


“It was a very special time for me. It meant dedication, persistence, and pride. Mr. Randall shared his love of music with all of his students, to bring together wonderful sounds to produce a symphony. His high expectations and drive produced the remarkable LCHS Symphony.

“Playing the clarinet was not easy for me. Mr. Randall’s guidance and persistence led me to belong to the Symphony. I never gave up.

“Thank you Mr. Randall. I will always remember you as a wonderful teacher who brought out the best in everyone. To produce beautiful music ... in us all.”

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Michael R.Carmichael


from email received August 2009:

“Found your web page by accident while here in Las Cruces seeing my dad. It is great and wish I had known about the reunion ... Would of love to have been here ... When we had our 20th ... it seemed that most of the people there were the ones in the band ... anyhow that is how it seemed to me.”

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Georgetta Murrell Chappell


“Band and Mr. Randall made me learn to appreciate music of all kinds.”

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James C. Collins


“As with most band members under Mr. Randall, band formed the core of my high school years. Between practices for band and ensembles, I spent a lot of time with some really great people that I ended up associating with because we had similar schedules and similar interests. Mr. Randall set high standards for each of us and helped instill a work ethic that has served me well through the years.

“Being a member of the band was a source of pride and an opportunity to travel. I remember going to Oklahoma City as a sophomore, playing in the dance band at some small high school’s prom as a junior, and my first trip to Dallas was with the band to the Six Flags Band Competition when I was a senior.

“Band was my home away from home.”

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Nancy Christmore


“Learning how to accomplish good things through your own responsible behavior.

“Being proud of what you are a part of.

“Hard work — lots of time spent, but worth it in the long run!

“Doing my senior math homework during Monday night rehearsal — he got irritated with me for trying to do it, made me sit out of the band at a table to finish it, but then let me come back and play. (I was 1st chair, and not too bold — still am amazed that I had the nerve to try that! Think I had an extremely long assignment and couldn’t finish it before the rehearsal, and didn’t want to tackle it later — probably had other homework, too!)

“Not being able to march in a straight line, and being put in the ‘guide right’ position with my piccolo!! Not too bright, Randall!”

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Bob and Ana Duffey


“Ana and I met in Jr. High band, me in 7th and her in 8th grade. We became friends. Three years later, when I moved up to the big time sophomore year, it happened! We both had Gregg Randall for band and a lot to discover and learn, which meant merits and demerits. She was first section flute (of course) and I was a so so or so and so last section trumpet. We spent a lot of time with each other, then the big chance came. The great trip to Arlington, Texas, to the band contest. Mr. Randall told all of us to practice hard and earn the band a ONE in ratings at the contest and we could ride whatever bus we wanted to on the way home! There was one bus for each year class.

“We did just that, but Ms. flute and Mr. trumpet had missed a bus from Six Flags Over Texas back to the hotel, and so we walked back arriving right in the middle of Mr. Randall’s speech to the entire band. One could have heard a pin drop — even though we look mostly like mice sneaking over to our chairs, maybe no one will see us!

“Well, to make it short, we were the only ones who did not get to ride the love bus of choice back home! Come Monday morning back in band and the discussion about the weekend trip, we were busy making google eyes at each other. This did not meet with the best of Mr. Randall’s pleasures, so being the pro he was he promptly rearranged the entire flute section so that my first and only love now had her back to me. (BUMMER)

“After I graduated in 1968 we were married and still are, and I thank Mr. Randall for showing us how important we were to each other. God Bless You, Lord know you earned it!!!!!!”

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Barbara Barrick Edmonds


“I always loved music, and band provided a wonderful opportunity to pursue that love. Band, under Mr. Randall, showed us all how to perform with pride — whether marching in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl, or performing in Alice, Texas! It was all great! What a learning experience! Thanks!”

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Carlton Lee Evans


“Band meant many of my 2nd period students were late every day. Actually I am still jealous of the tremendous devotion Gregg got from his students. He was a “star” of our faculty.”

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Don Fletcher


“My short experience with the LCHS Band taught me that music can work just as well, if not better, for me as a member of the audience.”

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Andy Galindo


“Band was the mainstay in my life. It has helped me through my whole life. The learning of music, the ability to grow close to others, and always the instruction and guidance of Mr. Randall.”

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Jeff W. Graham


“Band taught me the importance of teamwork and the value of always putting forth your best effort in everything you do.”

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Richard Green


“Band was important to me as a way of learning the rudiments of music and ensemble playing and the thrill of playing some great music. Marching season to me was just something to endure until the real music began in Concert season.”

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Mike Groves


“Band taught me a great deal about leadership. Through being drum major it instilled great confidence in my personal abilities. The discipline and regimen allowed me to go on to college and the military with a head start on others.”

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Ann Gluck-Hansen


“Being in band meant having fun and learning so much about music. I will always remember Mr. Randall for his patience and understanding. I sometimes wonder how he survived all of us.”

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Don Kinney


“Life-long friendships, a career, a love of music, an expectation of excellence in whatever you attempt — in short, ruined for life!”

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Daveene (Paul) Lucal

  “Even though I began playing the clarinet in 6th grade, and the bassoon in 8th grade, it wasn't until I reached high school that the band became such an important part of my fact, it became my whole life! It seems strange, then, that I became one of those people who never played an instrument again after graduating. The lessons I learned -- respect for authority, discipline of hard work, pride in accomplishment -- have remained with me.”

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H.G. Salome


“Having studied, worked, and lived nearly thirty years among the Ivy Leaguers and the ‘elite’ East Coast establishment, where many people assume they were destined to run the world — and often do! — I can say that I have never yet known any group or institution in which the standards were higher and the rewards greater than in our LCHS band.

“And after countless hours on the receiving end of formal education, as well many more years closely observing an Ivy League institution, I never knew a teacher who worked harder for his students, who set higher personal and professional standards, who was (to use a hackneyed phrase) a better ‘role model’ for teenagers, and who better deserved the respect and admiration of his students and of the parents who entrusted them to him, than Mr. Randall.

“Playing in the band — in our band, Mr. Randall's band — was a thoroughly inspiring and uplifting experience and the best influence on young lives any could wish. The band was a wonderful place to be if you loved music, but the impact of Mr. Randall's direction went far beyond music. I felt, even at the time, that our hard work, our discipline, our wholesome aspirations, and our justifiable pride made us all — together and individually — something better than we would otherwise have been.

“I haven't one unhappy memory about any of my fellow band members, and can only hope that if I ever gave any one cause to think ill of me, that they forgive me. I just thought at the time that we were the luckiest kids in the world — and now I know we were.

“I have only one complaint about the band during the ‘Randall years,’ and that is, that they kind of spoiled me for the rest of life and the outside world. Those years truly were without equal!”

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Jan Turbeville Turnage


“Marching, Football Games, Ensembles, Solos, Trips to Disneyland and Arizona, Practicing, Challenges, Friends, Driving to El Paso for Lessons, Merits/Demerits.

“We were very fortunate to have had a band director who cared that his students would have quality literature to play and opportunities to cause musical growth.”

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Gayla Weaver


“Mr. Randall was one of the most significant people in my life. Although the countless hours of marching and practicing was hard, the discipline and team work we had under his direction taught me important life lessons.”



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