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Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

The Agrarian Studies Program appoints Postdoctoral Fellows annually who are in residence for the year, present a paper, and attend the colloquia. Ordinarily, the Program has five Fellows whose diversity reflects the breadth of the program and a Senior Fellow who has already made an important contribution to agrarian studies. We also encourage applications from knowledgeable "activists" and "public intellectuals" whose work on rural life transcends the academy.

to top Theme

The broad theme for the colloquium series of the Program in Agrarian Studies, will be “Hinterlands, Frontiers, Cities, and States: Transactions and Identities.”

We intend to examine, comparatively, from the broadest perspective, the various distinctions different societies make between, say, frontier, wilderness, arable countryside, city, town, agriculture, commerce, hills, lowlands, maritime districts, and inland — and the weight given them.

What are the key units in a given society and how have they changed historically? What do they denote as different cultural patterns, different forms of production and exchange, and as different patterns of settlement and social life? What is the nature of the transactions between these key units?

In the case of frontier or countryside and city, this would require attention to such issues as trade, credit, migration, kinship, economic dependency, and landownership at a minimum. In the case of the hinterland and the state, it would imply a concern with grain requisitions, corvée, taxes, conscription, judicial systems, law, rural administration, as well as with flight, resistance, and rebellion.

The cultural and symbolic content of these exchanges is as important as their material content. How do urban populations view the countryside and how are they, in turn, seen by villagers and farmers? How have these reciprocal views changed over time and how have they been expressed and codified in institutions, in cultural performances, and in social movements.

We believe this theme, broadly conceived, offers promising terrain for collaboration between humanists and social scientists and between students of Western and non-Western societies.

to top Eligibility and Criteria

The Program will offer a limited number of Postdoctoral Fellowships, normally for one academic year. Younger scholars as well as established scholars are encouraged to apply. Research interests in line with the theme are desirable but not required.

Graduate students who are working on their Ph.D.s may apply, but fellowship recipients must have completed their Ph.D. dissertations and present proof that they have received their Ph.D. degrees. Fellows are expected to be in residence in New Haven to take an active part in the intellectual exchange with other members of the Program. They are not permitted to teach during the fellowship year.

How to Apply for a Visiting Postoctoral Fellowship

to top Application — Stage 1

  1. A first-stage application for a fellowship consists of:
  2. curriculum vitae (limited to 2 pages; include FAX and contact numbers and e-mail address)
  3. description of the research project to be pursued. (NO MORE THAN 2 PAGES)

to top Deadline

The first-stage application for 2009–2010 MUST ARRIVE AT YALE NO LATER THAN 5 JANUARY 2009. (This is a firm deadline; use FedEx or UPS — NOT Priority Mail — if necessary to meet it. Applications may also be sent electronically.)

to top Application — Stage 2

A short list of finalists will be contacted for letters of recommendation and a sample of their work. We hope to notify all applicants in March 2009.

to top Other Scholars

Scholars who are not applicants for a fellowship but would like to offer a paper to the Colloquium are asked to write to write to the Co-Directors, James C. Scott and K. Sivaramakrishnan, at the address below. We are unable, however, to fund transportation costs of scholars giving papers who must come from outside North America to present a paper.

to top Contact

All inquiries and applications should be addressed to

Program in Agrarian Studies
Yale University
Box 208300
New Haven, CT 06520-8300

campus address: 204 Prospect St., Room 204
tel 203/432-9833  |  fax 203/432-5036

Link to Current Postdoctoral Fellows

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Last updated 7/24/11 at 2:05 PM

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Program in Agrarian Studies
Yale University
Box 208300
New Haven, CT  06520-8300 (U.S.A.)

campus address:
204 Prospect Street, Room 204
tel 203/432-9833 | fax 203/432-5036

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